Monday, May 3, 2010

memories that always make me smile and be alone

Our friends are beautiful and my friends love me and she kind of

sometimes we love our friends more than anything

sometimes we fall in love with our friends

True friends will always be my heart


what the meaning of friends in your life?

is just a speech?

or just one word?

can you interpret?

for me, my friend is a gift from God to accompany us as love or sorrow, they also smile when we smile to see us happy, they try to carve a smile on our faces when we are faced with the problem, when we were invited to grief, they appear to lend assistance smile engraved lip service is our sincere smile that appear from our hearts, sometimes we fall in love on our own friends without us realizing it, the laughter we keep a secret is hidden, perhaps a friend will turn away? or perhaps a friend will turn into love? Because friends, we had to forget his own feelings, the smile that they managed to see the happiness implied a very painful secrets, the quiet dripping tears, crying in a smile just for friends, extremely painful to forget, but whether the sacrifice is appreciated? or just see and they just explode? depends on friends to judge, and when they are happy where we place their heart? I hope his heart is to have inadvertently built relationships that will last, to him, that smile will always be engraved in your face

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