Monday, May 3, 2010

This blog is written not only words that came out of the lips but from the heart, the liver sometimes I say, without interruption, all the memories I have experienced is the document that determines destiny, this blog is just expression of the heart so why should dispute? If you feel you should not do not you feel the expression of my heart, I created this new blog I have not for you, this blog is for me, so you do not disputed what I do, stop all the stupid things that have happened , Let things become memories, and confronted Open a new book for a new life, trying to release it to go, do not look back, go forward with what you do and I pray one day you will know why I do this, I love friendships have been built, but some with ties to hate it, so let it go, if we are not able to defend it, do not be frustrated with what may have learned, a time that I ask of you to help me calm, do not bother me again , You may not interfere, but that "he", release me from trouble and I hate the most, we see that same end of the story

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